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Most soccer games are lucky to see more than 1 goal. Now make them vibrate every time some one merks a fool in overwatch and you got yourself a new fan base for esports.


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how is this a thing. they get what, 5 seconds of buzzing per hour? soccer is boring as fuck and the scores are always low


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It's not just when there's a score, but a breakaway, a shot on goal, a great save, basically anytime a soccer announcer would get excited (admittedly far more often than appropriate for soccer), the woman would as well because of the supposed analytical robot controlling the intensity. A goal could be full blast or a 5 if it's the 6th goal in a 6-0 blowout, but she can still go from 1-9 without a score.

But my guess is that it was just a viral marketing ploy.


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Okay, but it's not real, is it...?


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No company was ever "slammed" for giving women what they want.

No company, organization, white knight, or anyone is being punished for giving women orgasms.

This is classic feminist damsel in distress narrative written for the current year: "oh look at the big, bad, mean, unnamed, boogeyman, keeping women from invading Male spaces and enjoying themselves- because patriarchy!"

Nobody gives a shit! Nobody cares. But fake news has to invent controversy and demonize the civilization that's just keeping women down.

Fuck this clickbait fake news horseshit. Put this enemy propagandist head on a spike! Time for war! No more peace! No more tolerance!

Let's have an extinction war and purge all these fuckers with fire!