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I remember when jontron said "wealthy blacks commit more crime than poor whites" and all the shitlibs lost their fucking minds.

Hindsight is 20/20 bitch.

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Pretty sure the guy is broke, just like every other person who got wealthy easily. Spent it all. Just look up the statistics of lottery winners.

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With regard to lottery play for respondents of various racial/ethnic groups, non-Hispanic whites and Native Americans had the highest proportion of gambling on the lottery (51% for each group); however, with regard to mean levels of gambling on the lottery, blacks and Native Americans had the highest averages (20.6 days and 25 days, respectively)

Im seeing a connection between people who play the lottery and people that spend money as fast as they can get it and then turn to crime.

Theyre black.

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NFL players only get paid during the season. Lots of them are stupid and borrow lots of money, especially in the off season, based on their thought that they will last 20 years in the league. They buy houses for family and friends way above what they can afford and have to have fancy cars and live the high life. Most live like they are going to make $200 million in their life and don't even make 1/4 of that. Then reality hits them hard. They have to pay taxes to every state they play in and even some cities. They have no money after the season is over. And hte ones who have accountants and financial planners often don't listen to them.

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you know, pussy is expensive, you think you have 40 millions it will last forever, but those bimbos charge well

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Hey racyciss white boi, niggers noggin is a cultural thing.

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Shieeeet. You ight. Deys just needs sum mo money fo dey porgams, gotts ta fund dey afferscool b-ball games n da twerkathon

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we wuz kangz n shiet

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To be fair blacks usually don’t get rich thru their intellect like whites or asians. It’s usually rap, feetsball or affirmative action

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Cost a lot of money to be a nigger...

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Yeah, it costs white working people a lot of money.

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You can take a nigger outta the 'hood, but you can't take the 'hood outta the nigger.

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Also known as "once a nigger; always a nigger.."

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You can take the nig out of the nog, but you can never take the nog out of the nig.

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I was just about to post this. Before doing so, I decided to read the comments and there it is.

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I think I may have heard that somewhere- I can't recall, I would like to give credit to whoever planted the idea in my head. Might've heard it from Tommy Sotomayor at some point?

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The average professional athlete in the U.S. will make more in one season than most of us earn in our entire lives….[yet,] despite those staggering salaries, 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and a very large percentage of MLB players (4x that of the average U.S. citizen) file bankruptcy within five years of retirement


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Because those money are not earned through intelligence but rather through stupid people throwing money to watch chimps play ball.

No shit they are not smart enough to manage it.

The smarter blacks don't play balls. Carson, Sowell, etc don't play ball and don't go bankrupt, they earn money by using their brain.

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I find it interesting how the most European sport, MLB, they do not actually give a percentage on. Presumably it is lower than the predominately African sports of NFL and NBA.

NFL may have more bankrupt players than NBA because of all the hits to their heads lower their IQ.

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Nigger... Felon... League. I propose a Reparations program... We fund a "Right of Return" for anyone who is a US citizen. Leave the country, Find a nation that will take you and you will receive welfare for life. We can have an affiliate program as well to get football players and Hollywood niggers to go as well. They get paid for every nigger they get to complete the program under their name. Also, family members can leave the US plantation and go back to Africa using the affiliate program. No reason to not open it up to prisoners as well. Want to rot for life in prison or go to Somalia with a paycheck? Your choice?! No reason to exclude whites or Mexicans or street shitters. Hell why discriminate! Everyone can join! Just permanently give up your citizenship and move to your new nation. Upon arrival you can get paid for life... #blaxit #backtoafrica

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That'd still be cheaper than paying for them here. They can live like KANGZZ on $10 a day there.

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Moral of The Story: "You can take the bunny out of the jungle, give him a "sports scholarship" to a college, put him in the NFL. Never forget however that the jungle will always be part of the bunny. They will always revert back to instinct."

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Doesn't this belong in /v/niggers

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Winslow isn't some random hood nigger that grew up on the streets either. His father was a multi-millionaire all-pro tight end too. He had every advantage in life and he still ended up being a nigger. They can't stop themselves--it's how they're wired.

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