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https://archive.fo/0NkOu :

Devante Smith-Pelly WON'T visit White House if the Capitals go on to win the Stanley Cup | Daily Mail Online

" Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!'", "In a statement, the White House suggested that the Eagles players objected to Trump's insistence that they stand for the national anthem.", "It hasn't come up here, but I think I already have my mind made up. 'Smith-Pelly, one of two black Capitals players, is from the Toronto area."

'In September, after Curry publicly stated that he, personally, did not want to make the customary trip to the White House, Trump publicly rescinded his invitation to the reigning NBA champion Warriors. '

'Trump has not had any public issues with the NHL. In fact, he welcomed the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins to the White House in October. '

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He's Canadian, maybe they should revoke his visa. See how he likes getting paid less money and living under a higher tax rate back home.

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He's OUR president. You had your president for 8 years.

I love how our country is dividing along racial lines. Pretty soon the normies are going to have to pick a side.

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His president is that cuck Trudeau. He needs to go home and support him

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Good. Niggers dont beong in the white house anyway. Or the country for that matter, but thats another issue.