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He should have given her a banana as an apology.

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The funny thing is that being forced to apologize in this instance means her statement on Maria's looks was legitimate but everyone feels the need to defend the black beast because THEY believe she is aesthetically inferior and thus needs protecting. What a racist thing for them to assume blacks aren't as pretty as whites. I don't recall the interviewer even speaking of race.

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https://archive.fo/7PWEl :

Journalist apologises for ‘sexist’ Serena Williams interview | Daily Mail Online

" Please take the pic of Serena Williams off of your [Twitter] profile. '", "A sports journalist has been forced to apologise after asking Serena Williams if she was 'intimidated' by rival Maria Sharapova's good looks ahead of their French Open showdown on Monday.", "The interview, which took place in Paris on Saturday, sparked a storm on social media as fans objected to Simons' 'absurd' line of questioning.", "Bill Simons, of Inside Tennis magazine, was branded 'sexist' by fans after calling the US athlete 'baby' and asking whether she was intimidated by her opponent's 'alluring' physique.", "That's it. 'Taking to Twitter after the awkward exchange, one furious fan wrote: 'Seriously those questions were just inappropriate."

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