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Sports is totally not rigged


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https://archive.fo/FKZ5n :

Hilarious memes mock JR Smith after Cavaliers guard mistakenly thought his team was ahead | Daily Mail Online

'Before the game, James caused a stir on social media when he walked into the Oracle Arena wearing a dress shirt, blazer, and tie. '

'After the game, James took questions from the media during a news conference. '

'The Golden State Warriors pulled out a 124-114 overtime victory over Cleveland in Game 1 of the NBA Finals after a bizarre ending to regulation. '

'It also needed little creativity, as James confronted Smith immediately after his error and gave a facial expression that told the whole story. '

'JR Smith is being blamed for costing his team the first game of the NBA Finals - and the internet is ablaze with hilarious memes to mark the occasion. '

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