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Go ahead and kill your golden goose.

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My prediction: You won't see NHL players follow suit.

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Fire them. The players are unionized. It's time the owners take advantage of the fact and prevent the rule breakers from joining any other team. Let them all sit out for 2 seasons without pay. Americans would be just as happy to watch white college players who get bumped up early as these over priced idiots.

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and? As if I care about the nigger felon league?

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That would be very, very stupid. Most people I know would just quit watching for good. Probably just and early end for a sport that is dying anyway, since millennials aren't very interested in contact sports like football anyway. They'd rather play video games.

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I've only watched a couple baseball games since the mid 90's strike. Although I think I bought into the owners propaganda on that one. However I still have stayed strong about not watching something I said I'd stop watching.

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go play rugby in a league that doesnt anthem and ribbon and drop emotional messages about current events

and say "Pat Tillman"

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wouldn't matter to me if they all sit out..... NBA as well..

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