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Im still upset that the cheerlearders arent all trannies.

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We should push this angle hard! Force them to hire tranny cheerleaders. Anyone still watching is a race traitor and deserves what they get. Fire up those Twatter accounts.

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Its already a thing and i can't tell if the people pushing for it are legit crazies or just our guys trolling and trying to shit up the nfl. Either way i support it.

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Not just trannies, that wouldn't be inclusive and diverse enough! Fat chicks, cheerleader teams need more fat chicks.

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They are baphomet in utero trannies tho...

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That's stupid. Won't the penalties just offset when both teams kneel?

They should suspend any player one game for the number of times they have knelt. Maybe they'll do it once, but they won't do it thrice!

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...without pay

Lazy fucks can it on a bench the whole season and still make millions.

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Shit that would've been perfect, I would've loved to see Kaperdick put his money where his mouth is, I guarantee him and 99% of the kneelers would've BTFO when they choose their checks over their people.

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They should just shoot the "players who kneel" on sight for treason against nation.

These fucks live in America and has zero loyalty towards America.

If they hate America that much they should fuck off back to Somalia.

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How is this game so popular in the US? It is one of the most boring spectacles imaginable; 1 hour of play lasting 4 hours ffs. 60 odd players on a team ffs. That lad who comes on for approximately 8 seconds per match to kick goals, know what else he does? Fuck all else! Its telling that every year for super bowl (whats a bowl got to do with anything btw?) stories about the advertisements and half time show dominate so much of the discussion - corporations trying to sell you shit is actually more entertaining than the sport they are advertising on!

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I feel that about what we call Soccer. It's like watching paint dry.

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It's boring as fuck.

Not sure why people liked it tbh. There's a reason why it's not played outside of America.

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1 hour of play lasting 4 hours ffs.

You are being generous. The amount of time the ball is actually moving is about 11 minutes on average per 4 hr game. (Most of the clock run happens between plays.)

Years ago, there was a guy on Youtube who would splice games down to this 11 minute run. Was actually enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, the No Fun League shut down his channel. That was the last time I watched anything from the NFL.


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I would have watched an 11 minute football game.

I played a bit in high school. No joke, the majority of the game was just waiting and watching, no matter what position you play. Hurry up and wait.

Still, I had a fuckton of fun, lost weight, met cool people and fucked a couple cheerleaders. So, overall I would say it was a net gain.

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You guys should not be watching the NFL so what does it matter.

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Per player? Please say it's per player?

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Who cares, fuck sports ball.

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We already know it sucks to be black.

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They need to include counter narratives like: "fuck your commie lies. Death to commies! Get off my God damn field, you filthy pinko bastards and don't ever show your ugly communist face near my team of American Patriots again!"

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