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How do you prove 'she said he said' that happened five years ago?


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https://archive.fo/4t8fJ :

Adam Gotsis, Broncos DE, arrested on rape charge

'Denver Broncos defensive end Adam Gotsis was arrested in Atlanta on March 7 on a rape charge for an alleged incident that occurred in 2013, when Gotsis was a student at Georgia Tech. '

'Gotsis’ arrest was first reported by The Denver Post. '

'The Broncos issued a statement Monday in which the team said it had been recently made aware of the rape investigation, and that it informed the NFL of Gotsis’ arrest. '

'The Broncos drafted Gotsis, a native of Melbourne, Australia, with a second-round pick in 2016. '

'The woman reported the incident to Atlanta police on Feb. 1, and police secured a warrant for Gotsis’ arrest on March 7, according to an incident report obtained by USA TODAY Sports. '

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Football is for closet homosexuals.


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This is a tough one. On one hand I am not surprised that a brain damaged niggerball player would rape. On the other women will do anything to get cash and the easy life. Thankfully we have a court system. Unfortunately with the power NFL has if it is real they will pay her off. What she wanted in the beginning.