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When you're trying to escape communism

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Americans can't stack up to Asians in ninja challenges

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Majority of the ninja challenges I've seen Americans doing require far more physical strength, so that fatigue plays a large issue. This was mostly agility, barring the rope climb.

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I had a geeky little vietnamese mate in high school.

PE class we had these yearly/6 monthly i forget health tests where you had to do shit like stretch tests and sit ups etc to see how you were doing.

Fucked if this little bastard didnt sit there for about 15 minutes shit talking during the flexed arm hang and came down again like it was nothing....

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Shorter people have a much easier time getting a ninja strength to weight ratio. That guy was maybe 5'3"

Eat cocks, manlet downvoaters.

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Looks like super mario, never let go of turbo button!

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That man runs faster through an obstacle course than I can on flat ground.

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When the shtf I want this guy running across the city gathering supplies for me.

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Too many A presses. 4/10.

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