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I'll never understand why celebs or athletes think their opinions matter. You aren't important. You don't speak for me. Get back to work.

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People always jump to defend celebs saying "Their opinion matters just as much as anyone elses"

"Exactly fuckface, I couldn't care less about your opinion either but I'm not forced to watch it on the nightly news"

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One of my all time favorite sayings: "Opinions are like assholes; everybody's got one and they all stink"

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A lot of ppl do care what they think sadly

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Get back to work. Get back to bouncing a rubber ball like you matter

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The most unmerited thing in the universe has got to be negro self-esteem.

Shit, if they actually built Wakanda, it would collapse due to neglect long before they stopped congratulating themselves.

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They were given "Wankanda" also known as South Africa. Less than 30 years after apartheid, they are literally starving. Once the most industrialized nation in Africa, had a modern electrical grid, and sewer system, an unemployment rate of 9%, and an exchange rate of $0.84 to the USD, and now they are literally starving. Unemployment is above 36%, they have no water, and their grid is failing. Great Job Wakandians.

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the humane thing was to neuter all blacks and give them 1 nation, to raise the living conditions of all intelligent life (eliminate the shitty one).

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The name Lebron sounds vaguely familiar.

Why do people waste their time following loser athletes instead of playing themselves?

Spectator sports are for fat asses and cripples who want to live vicarously through whatever beast of burden that is trotted out to chase a ball.

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The reason people care about this (though they are wrong to) is because people place celebrities they like in the same part of their brain as friends. Try telling someone's brain that their "friend's" opinions aren't worth listening to and you'll see why these idiots get a mouth piece.

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Dance monkey, dance.

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To those of you who say that LeBron has as much right to his opinion as does everyone else; I agree.
I take exception to his comment that he means too much to society. That's just a pile of excrement.

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Yeah well there were other bleeds that played befo' this asshole and they were pretty good too and they don't mean shit anymore. Jordan, Chamberlain, Russell, Dr. J., Jabbar. Get a grip Lebron, you're just another nigger who was blessed with athletic ability and will be gone in a few. Probably will be making commercials like that fat fuck Shaquille O'Neal.

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Sadly a lot of ppls do care what celebrities think

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