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How’d she beat anyone out to qualify?

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Fuck that woman. I use to lived in SF, there is an entire group of people who just throw a shit ton of money at things for the "experience", skipping all the hard work and effort usually required because they exploit a loophole. Then they come back to SF and brag about their escapade as if it was an honestly earned experience. What pissed me off the most were the people who "fundraised" for their shit. NO! I'm not donating $100 for your Europian trip, fuck off. The worst were the assholes who would fawn all over these fuckers because they were "so interesting". BARF. My boss use to have a phrase for these people, "All hat no cattle".

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https://archive.fo/EpAuO :

American woman competes in skiing despite being terrible | Daily Mail Online

"Swaney's best score still left her 13.60 points behind 23rd-placed Dane Laila Friis-Salling, who slipped on both runs.", "An American woman skier has competed in the Winter Olympics women's half pipe competition for Hungary despite not being able to do any tricks and barely making it into the air."

'After raising funds through online donation websites to help fuel her Olympic ambitions, Swaney managed to qualify for Pyeongchang due to the sheer volume of competitions she attended. '

'Harvard-educated Silicon Valley worker Elizabeth Swaney, 33, finished 24th out of 24 competitors in Pyeonchang today after spending years entering competitions around the world - and usually finishing last. '

'She works as a recruiter for software engineers in the San Francisco area. '

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Good for her?

Did Hungary really not have anyone better to send?