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Hmm... Men have gone first in multiple events and both sexes play hockey sort of at the same time - usually. Different teams will be in the ice at different times, as the game takes a while. I'm not sure what got sand into your vagina. Wait, no... You already told me what the problem is.

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Goodddamnnit I can’t get home any earlier. Literally all I’ve seen so far is women. And curling. GOD I LOVE CURLING. 🥌🥌🥌🥌🥌🥌🥌 but it was mixed but I didn’t care cause Canada girl has a nice ass and I just imagine them in a porno. They were married. Besides don’t snap at me budah all that fucking meditation wtf are you trying to overcompensate for you fat little midget. Oh yea we should share everything-except the food, that’s mine. The only place I ever see you is at crappy Chinese buffets you fat fuck you’ve never even watched the Olympics why are you on a sports sub?

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Yeah, you're definitely right about yourself.

Hint: Goats have seen my picture, and even seen me on video. I'm not fat, not even remotely.

Jump up and down until you knock the sand out of your cunt. We get it, seen women perform better than you is something you have difficulties with. We understand. You were kind enough to tell us that you're stupid.

Seriously, they are just people doing people things, and being really good at it. Shit, even the dainty figure skaters can kick your ass. They are athletes at the top of their game. They are pretty close to being 1:1,000,000. No, your local HS team can't beat them at hockey, don't be silly. Yes, women are good for more than just cooking, cleaning, fucking, and fucking nothing. Again, don't be silly.

I do thank you for warning me about your intellect from the start. That will probably help both of us save some time.