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If she truly loved her country she would have done the routine the right way. I'm pretty sure you dont get a point deduction for having your tits out, but I wonder if it might have thrown off her balance since she probably doesnt practice topless.

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A true professional would practice nude, just in case.

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I wonder what North Koreans would think if they knew that two Americans were competing in the olympics under their flag?

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This was region locked for me and I cant be bothered looking on my other device so: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=uWcBLiFBAf8

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From what I read it was almost exposing her, never actually came off.

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Costumes like that used to have flesh-colored mesh fabric that would hold it in place but still look like skin. Seems like a purposeful attempt for attention.

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It another article praising someone that didn't win. It's like that dumb bitch that free bled in a marathon. What attention do the winners get?