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Fucking white people...

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Only half the team.

The team members who remove the wheels are all black.

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That proves a lot of stuff still in our community

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F1 pitstop times have been dropping precipitously since the end of refueling. I remember the first sub 5sec stop. Now they are hitting the 2 sec mark for the past few years.

Its amazing what can be done with focused effort.

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End of refueling?

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they practice it literally constantly

record is 3.6 seconds.

you dont get that quick by fucking it up.

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Needs more women

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Used to have grid girls, but feminists saw to that.

Wolfe was the last woman to climb into an F1 car. She crashed it into the back of a truck while the car was being serviced off track; Mysteriously so...

This event cost her an eye and she died unexpected a few years later. It is suspected that complications (stroke) from her previous head injury caused this.

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Wolff is fine? She retired after realizing she couldn't get better...

Do you mean this chick? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mar%C3%ADa_de_Villota

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Why. The only women who ever made it got there by fucking Flavio Briattore (recipient of a life long ban from attending FIA approved events, for ordering Nelson Piquet Jnr to put his car into a wall to bring out full course yellows at the Singapore GP in... 06 i think?. In 70 years of F1, women have won .5 world championship points, and the SOLE female F1 victory... was not a world championship event but the British Aurora series.

They physically cannot drive the cars

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They can drive them...they can't drive them fast.

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wow that is frickn amazing

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You had one job!

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What's those garbage bag looking things wadded up on the car in front of the front tires? Doesn't look aerodynamic.

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That is the front wing. It is built within very strict rules, and is increasingly aerodynamic.

At 100mph, that wing and the other parts generate downforce(opposite of an airplanes lift) greater than the weight of the car. To say this another way, an F1 car traveling through a tunnel would be able to drive on the roof, upside down.

F1 is a fascinating sport. Too bad its European pretentiousness and rediculous rules that can create illogical circumstances.

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no. F1 drivers should not be 'just let them race'

its a fucking team sport, and the drivers are meant to be obeying the team boss.

you want balls out racing fistfights and bitching and moaning go watch champcar.

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I like that :)

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