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Dogs seem like more trouble than they are worth for food. I don't get it. The yield does not seem to justify the cost/time of butchering it.

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I like this practical response.

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its not about practicality. Most asians that eat dog, thinks the meat has special healing, health, and virility properties no other meats do. Asians are weird about this stuff. There's no scientific validity to any of this but it gets viral. The sad part about this is that the dogs are killed in the most inhuman way.

They are usually skinned alive because the fear or pain causes the meat to be better somehow. I've seen photos of skinned alive dogs writhing in pain on the table. Thats what I hate about them eating dogs. Fuck culture.

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"Fillet of Fido"

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They're fucking Asians. We've known this since they built the transcontinental railroad.

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Wheres the delicious cat meat though?

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The dog ate the cat, the cat ate the mouse. It's a DOGCATMOUSEN.

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These protest people are no better than muslims the gov. invited to the West. Don't go to another country and decide to pitch a bitch-fit when when you disapprove of their culture.