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"The combination of requiring respect for the national anthem and the refusal to allow criminals to play led to many people blasting the returned XFL as “racist” on Twitter."

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What if the xfl enforced strict affirmative action quotas so that 60% of players have to be white and no more than 15% of players can be black?

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No felons, they might not have to.

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This says something about the work experience of those Twitterers. They don't seem to have it on their radar, that with a criminal record no decent job is to be had, regardless of industry.

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"white friendly"? So employing people that don't have felonies and asking them to practice politics somewhere other than work is "white-friendly"?

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Yes because statistically they commit less crimes than PoC. Crime stats be racists and sheit

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Only black people commit crimes.

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I want it cause I want football during spring .

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by the time the xfl comes back the NFL will have a new CBA, one that will most likely require standing for the national anthem. With all of the issues the league is having with godell the national anthem protests might actually be the thing that prevents a work stoppage.