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The NFL has really gone off the track...

I got a question???.....Are the people running the NFL former players?...Maybe the fucking head injuries are causing this insanity...????

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Hypocrites. Let's all wear a pick ribbon for breast cancer.

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So instead of whipping their slaves, the NFL just fines them. You stay classy, NFL, your hundreds of fans are excited for the next slave trade. I mean draft.

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Im gonna start a go fund me and pay the fine

No. Youre gonna get other people to pay the fine. There is a difference. I would have thought a similar difference to going to jail for 30 days or a bunch of people going to jail for 1 day each in your stead. Either way you didnt comply with the order.

Not saying i support him being fined but if he aint paying it anyway and the nfl dont give a shit then its a non issue.

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NFL players aren't allowed to express their feelings for things....

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Let's hope the go-fund-me remark was made in jest

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Probably not. He says he will pay the fine with it and donate the rest to charity.

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The NFL fines all kinds of cleats this is a bunch of bullshit

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