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It warms my heart that Terry Crews aren't one of them. I don't trust any celebrities, but I'm warming up to Crews. He might be actually be a good guy.

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He is. Just because someone is Black it doesn't mean they're an enemy, a bad guy or anything.

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I haven't fallen in the trap of generalizing. I liked MLK's quote. I judge people by their character. But I feel that it is really important to be sceptical of celebrities.

That doesn't mean I am for open borders.

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Like I've said many times, there's a difference between a nigger, and a black person. Just like there's a difference between a faggot and a gay person.

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ABSOLUTELY!!!! I've known and worked with black, Hispanic, polish, oriental.... Some great, some good, some not so great, some shitty. One of the best Sergeants I had was a black Man, TRUE Christian, honorable, forthright, honest... I'd've bloodied the nose of any asshole who insulted him. He didn't deserve it!

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Lecture, chastise and infantilize people that aren't you. It is not important for everyone to share your beliefs or your world view.

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He's pretty legit, he went to reddit to get advice on PC gaming parts to bond with his son who is entering the gamer community where these sick punks prey on young kids.

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I know, but so many seemingly nice people has turned out to be pedophiles.

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He is balls deep into it now too

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What's that now, 4 good guys in Hollywood lol?

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I was a huge fan but i dont like what his wife does and lost a bit of respect.

The whole fucking lot and more came back when he outed that shit. Looks like its bigger. What we NEED is for a bunch of male actors and models (not that im a fan of male models but in context of whats coming out, how the fuck do you think a straight guy would land any kind of job?) and shit to come out and smash the media around the head with the shit thats gone on with them so we can finally fuck this 'its only men in power doing it to vulnerable women' -


Its PEOPLE in power or that know they wont ever be called out on it doing it to PEOPLE who ARENT in any kind of position of power FUCKING EVERYWHERE men, women, gays, bisexuals all doing it to people they think are below them for reasons like 'Alcohol' (How the fuck does a DUDE get held 150% accountable for molesting a woman when hes drunk, when a drunk woman who molests an on duty employee or any other person is literally 0%, because alcohol. What kind of fucking bullshit brand of 'equality' is that????)

FEMINISM is what is stopping us from dealing with ANY of this shit because instead of ending up with victims being victims and thats it, suddenly half of the victims *are never victims and/or are recorded as the perpatrator, and half of the recorded 'victims' arent victims of any fucking shit at all but being looked at funny.

A rapist victimises their victim and their peers. A feminist victimises every single woman in the western world every time she opens her stupid fat fucking mouth with another retarded unfounded theory or regurgitated tumblr fact

Its gone beyond a joke and fucked up a lot more lives than just famous people.

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They better not fuck his career up. I actually love Terry Crews. Ever since I saw that in the future he becomes our President under the name Herbert Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho.

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I'd vote for him as Americas first true black president.

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+1 for a non-muslim

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One of the most underrated movies of all time!

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I don't care if he did or didn't hire hookers. Those thugs at radaronline should be charged with extortion.

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Right. As long as they were 18+, and not trafficed, who the hell cares?

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fuck man the thought of Terry Crews sitting hunched over, addicted to porn is way worse than getting some hookers. I don't know if he's married or what, but who fkn cares if he gets hookers. If he wants to fuck and they want to get paid to fuck I'm all for it.

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i dont know if i believe in porn addictions but some of the theories he spouts there actually smack of domestic abuse rather than any addiction.

Just as a husband doesnt get to tell his wife what to think or say, neither does a wife get to do it to the husband.

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A black athlete, singer, comedian who doesn't give in to liberal Jew mind games. Sounds based.

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Man, that Lil Wayne, all i know is he one ugly ass muthafucka and i never heard any of his songs.

So i found myself fucking surprised when i find an article where he shits all over BLM and quite happily states half his fans are white and he would be shitting on them to support black terrorists.

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Does someone have a TL;DR out-of-the-loop on this?

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Terry shared his story of being sexual harassed by a gay dude in the industry.

The industry shills turned on him and tried to attack him.

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The media on the left is eating its own, leveling false charges against anyone and everyone, all to cover for their jew-god weinstein. Some smart actors are getting out ahead of some of these allegations, essentially deadening the negative effects on their careers.

Its just another PR trick meant to make it look like its not mostly jews raping/exploiting women in hollywood, even though it pretty much is. If it became mainstream to associate jews with rapists, the hollywood propagandists would loose their hold on the female mind, effectively undoing 40 years of programming.

Its really quite a show, and voat just eats up the distractions and the hit pieces then chases after the obvious red herrings.

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the hollywood propagandists would loose their hold on the female mind, effectively undoing 40 years of programming

We could stand for a bit of that...

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He needs to come out with this. Massive red pill for the Millennials who (ironically) ignore the news but love Idiocracy.

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he did about a month ago about 2 days after the weinstein thing blew up.

just like every other story where a male is actually the victim it got a vague paragraph buried in between 5 different female weinsteinettes and a slathering of how bad life is for women because of men in pretty much every publication in Australia.

No one paid the slightest bit of attention to it because they havent been fucking told to pay attention to it - Plenty of 'Australia says no to domestic violence against women' campaigns running ad nauseum but literally not a single DV ad mentions men being anything but door slamming titty pic taking face punching drunk abusive cunts. DV against men is totally fine down under.

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I love how into PC gaming Crews has gotten this past year or so. Seems like a genuine dude

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What's he playing?

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he played a lot of Overwatch and last I heard he's super into PUBG

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And now we have to take any negative story about him with a grain of salt?

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