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Prediction: The NFL will get busted using CGI or clever camera work to hide these masses of vacant seats. The article says right there that the only reason anyone cares is the optics of it.

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This exactly. The Nigger Felon League gets its funding from elsewhere. They don't really care if anyone goes to games.

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Keep insulting America loving NFL fans, and what do you think is going to continue to happen?

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Yet no mention of that in the story.

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As the bread and circuses wear off, the only thing that satisfies the void for the masses is mob violence which we are seeing all around us now.

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could try lowering the ticket/parking prices. in my area i could take a long weekend going skiing with the entire family for the price of 4 tickets

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i can't speak for others. but to me, football has always been the background of cheer leading. if there are no hot cheer leaders, i have no reason to watch it.