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Fuck sports ball. It's full of niggers anyway.

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No white person should be watching NFL. It is jewish and niggerish. Its the new plantation. Get this kike shit out of your lives.

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LOL. Some of that may be cord cutters, but given that it was nationally televised on a major network, had nothing airing opposite its timeslot, and featured the defending Superbowl champs, I'd say that this is a problem for the NFL. We will see what happens when the next round of negotiations for broadcast rights start.

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It's available over the air so . . .

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Hahahahaha. GOOD! Fuck the NFL.

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Letting your "players" say fuck you to America isn't working out so well for them. Don't they realize that SJWs are not their core demographic?

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https://archive.fo/Qvbw3 | https://files.catbox.moe/tjneb3.png :

TV Ratings: NFL Kickoff Game Ratings Down From 2016 As Patriots Lose To Chiefs | Deadline

'PREVIOUSLY, 6:51 AM: The consensus was that last night’s NFL kickoff game would see the favored New England Patriots win at home – but the defending Super Bowl champions currently sit in last place. '

'Before last night’s results, a sliver of hope had seemed to emerge as this year’s preseason games were up 5% over the 2016 exhibitions. '

'With 21.8 million NFL fans tuning in, the kickoff of the 2017 regular season was down 13% for the NFL and NBC from last year’s opener. '

'With the eventual Super Bowl 50 champs 10 points down at one point before surging for the win, the Broncos-Panthers opener was the fourth year in a row that a NFL kickoff game topped 25 million viewers. '

'Long season short, that’s not a good start for either the NFL or networks hoping to gain some traction from last year’s NFL ratings blows. '

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