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This is exactly how this gets fixed. Then again I can't imagine being a Browns fan. I'm thinking heroin withdrawal might be easier and not as painful.

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Living in Cleveland it is very easy to no longer give a shit about football, for me anyways.

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I am so..so..sorry. O-state is decent again so there is that.

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Just root for Baltimore... Oh wait.

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LOL! I did in 99 I saw that defense coming. My bookie was in tears and I cleared my Christmas debts by March 1 for once...Dam good year.

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i know im gonna catch some shit for this. because i HATE NIGGERS. i am a common visiter to v/niggers and an Owner of v/waitingonblacks

but the players are protected by the first amendment. just like i have the right to give never ending examples of why niggers should be shipped back to africa. the 1st amendment is the 1st amendment. it protects everyone. even if they are wrong.

stop airing browns games? fine. its their right as well. fire them all and anyone who protests the anthem? thats capitalism. and its all perfectly legal.

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stop watching a bunch of worthless nigger sports... how about that.

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Death to commies!

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An open letter from American military veterans in support of Colin Kaepernick

There are veterans who not only agree with Kaepernick’s right to protest, but also with how he did it

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Just as there are plenty of consumers who agree with that Camping World fuckwad. So what?

If you're a business or an entertainer, all that matters is WHAT PERCENTAGE of your constituency agrees with your silly virtue-signaling bullshit.

As we have seen with the NFL, Target, and a number of other alt-left, virtue-signaling, cuckwad companies - a significant minority (or possibly a majority, depending on the corporation and the situation) don't want to hear your political posturing bullshit.

We already have plenty of politicians and pundits to hate for that shit. When we hear branded companies or sports stars start doing it, it's a no brainer to walk away.

If seeing a bunch of overpaid ninnies protest the national anthem on your dime gets you giddy, fine, enjoy yourself. Let's see what the ratings are by 2020 - and whether that Camping World fuck has a new job.

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Personal I can't take it seriously until blacks get their crime problems under control.