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To compliment the reading, how about you pick up a telescope for some visual viewing of the sky? Star hopping to find DSOs and viewing the planets and moon can be a relaxing nighttime activity (minus the mosquitoes).

To take it further, you can go into astrophotography, though that can turn into a money sink depending what route you want to take. You'd be surprised what images of galaxies and nebulaes you can manage to take even if you are in a light polluted area and with minimal equipment.


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I would HIGHLY recommend grabbing a pair of binoculars and a star guide. Telescopes are expensive and bulky, cheap ones are well cheap. Binoculars are the best intro. As with cameras the best telescope is the one you use, and it is very easy to grab them and go outside and look up. If you find out you love it, then start researching telescopes. Honestly, once you see a planet in good detail you'll be hooked, and once you get a good picture of a nebula, you'll be even more hooked.


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Very true about the binos and star chart. That's what got me hooked to begin with.

Another thing to do is check with local astronomy clubs for public star parties. Lots of smart people that are eager to share the views and their knowledge. Best part is looking through all the various telescope and not worrying about doing any setup/teardown yourself!