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Remove the "dangerous" part. Attempting to contact Aliens plainly is stupid because the sheer size of the universe means that we a) are unlikely to ever find any (even if there should be plentiful different Alien races) and b) they would only to pick up the signal decades if not several thousand of years after it was first sent. So, even if we accidentally manage to get the attention of a very warlike race, chances are that humanity has nuked itself into oblivion already by the time they get here.

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What are the chances that alien life evolved from genetic material from the same asteroid that brought eventual human life to earth?

Wouldn't that be crazy if human life evolved from leftover genetic material from a war ravaged high tech civilization that met its end due to galaxy destroying antimatter technology?

Science fiction is fun.

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Panspermia is very interesting but it just pushes the question of the origin of life one step back. Abiogenesis is still necessary, just on another planet.

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Sumer has recorded the history of Aliens altering our DNA.

No fiction here unless you include the Bible in that genre.

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we wuz space kangs n shieet

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It would be Star Trek.

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The hippies and soyfaces will tell you that advanced extraterrestrial life must be peaceful because only humans can be evil. I've heard this so many times.

I don't think it's an accident that our most beloved domesticated pets are hunting carnivores (wildcats and wolves). Hunting requires more intelligence and cooperation than eating plants. If you can't defend yourself empathy is a burden. If you're a bunny running away and your friend gets attacked trying to help will only end with you providing another meal and leads to your genes dying out.

But I think these people despise humanity so much they might even look forward to it's eradication or enslavement.

As a sidenote look up the "fermi-paradox", it deals with the question for why we haven't met alien life yet and the theoretical answers are quite interesting and often times related to this discussion.

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Shit next time someone says only humans can be evil remind them that otters and dolphins commit rape. Chimps, both male and female, have been observed killing and dismembering baby chimps, then eating them. They'll prolly say that's just animal behavior but we're animals too.

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Well Im glad you get it. Im not sure there is alien life, so I can only go by earths history of technologically advanced cultures " discovering" primitive cultures and extrapolate from that. I think its an easy conclusion we should " shut up" and stay undiscovered until we know more.

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I dont think its an accident that most beloved pets are hunting carnivores

its not. they descend from wild carnivores that learned to live around humans. thats why theyre called 'domesticated' as opposed to 'wild' and why feral cats are a problem. exactly the same thing goes for horses. theyre not necessarily born wild anymore. Horses in Australia, yes, theyre very much a part of our local culture (brumbies) so the offspring of the wild ones are wild, but the offspring of those on the farms most certainly arent, at first because the automatic reaction of the mother isnt to be jittery as shit and bolt away from humans. So the interaction between humans and their animals continues by generation and isnt necessarily 'genetic' just learned behaviour.

Its also why they tell you not to make a habit of feeding wild animals, because instead of going and doing what they would do normally they rely on you instead. if the caretaker is doing that to feed its kids instead of teaching them to do whatever it is their species would normally do, then they lose the ability to function in the wild. Humans are exactly the same. Why do you think dole bludgers stay on the dole? because they lose their ability to function in society.

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Yes, but I specifically mean that we fell in love with them. Up to the point that we feed, protect and bring them to the vet when they get sick despite the fact that their practical use today is probably non-existent for most households. Many dogs are incapable of defending your home and many housecats do no longer catch vermin.

We domesticated a lot of animals. From barn animals to hamsters. But it's the ones that formerly were dangerous hunting carnivores we truly fell irrationally in love with.

I believe their ancestors being pack hunters is the reason for why we can bond much more strongly with cats/dogs than with a hamster. I'm not a biologist so it's just a belief, but I think it's plausible.

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What are they gonna do? Respond with nasty alien words in 600+ years?

Unless we're WAAAAY off regarding the nature of the universe, we're never gonna see aliens face-to-face, unless we go there and don't miss their existence-window because of relativistic time dilation effects.

Even if they sent death-robots at near-relativistic speeds (to avoid time dilation and make your arrival time sooner [from a stationary reference frame]), we'd probably be advanced enough to defend against them by the time the alien-death-robots arrived.

But for argument's sake, let's say the aliens who pick up our transmissions can generate negative energy, or somehow have superluminal travel that avoids relativistic, intertial, and temporal effects. Why would they waste their time and resources on this mudball planet or its backward, ignorant people? the only thing that we have in abundance that seems to be in short supply cosmically is Deuterium, but it can be synthesized sized easily enough. We have no special resources, possess no special knowledge, and produce nothing that an interstellar civilization would want. Beyond that, our location in this galaxy is basically out in the boonies. We're in the Orion Arm, out near the edge of the galactic habitable zone. Are you gonna sail to Easter Island because some dude on HAM Radio was talking about worshipping the wrong god?

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Wow, lots of hubris. Who knows what they may find desirable ? Thats my point , we dont know what we dont know.

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They may even make us play music and destroy is if they don't like our song. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT

Jokes aside we slaughter animals for meat, I could see aliens desiring new organic life for various puposes while carrying very little about our well-being. Food, entertainment, experiments.

Odds are if we turn out to be the most advanced with the best space force we will be the destroyers.

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"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmisthis earth bar?"

"Uh,,, this is the Winchester, how can i help you?"

"is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmzortok nagliptokmmmmmmmmmm there?"

"er... hangon... uhhhhhhhhh.... mmmmmmmmmmmzortok? zortoknagliptokmmmmmmmmmm? anyone?"

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhahah haha i ashton kutchered you stoopid human." click

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If aliens are going to visit earth the only thing we have of value is genetic material and only then because it could become a new food to them. Life sucked for us before the spice traders livened things up and they'd probably go through the same thing so bringing back herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and animals could make them obscenely well off.

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The assumption that they would need to exterminate us in order to maximize the utility of our planet is a bold one. Abos never even slowed down the British use of Australia. The difference between Brits and Abos is likely to be orders of magnitude less than between a multi-stellar creature and humans. They'd probably just do lots of experiments on us.

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Eh. At worst they’ll come in a few thousand years to wipe us out, even if they can travel at light speed(which is a huge assumption) it’d take them thousands of years to receive the signal and begin to move toward us. At best it’s a waste of time and money because it’ll take thousands of years to receive a signal back. There’s no point freaking out now, the sheer size of the universe prevents anything from happening in even our grandchildren’s life time.

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The "dangerous" aspect is way over stated. To reach a technology level which would allow for space travel in relatively short spans of time basically means they experience no shortages of energy. I don't want to say infinite energy but it would certainly be measured at the levels of total matter conversion of multiple solar systems and so on. Which means they would care not for energy or resource acquisition. Something like terraforming would be child's play. Additionally, to reach such a technological level would ensure they would more or less be nonviolent. Otherwise they would have likely long since destroyed themselves.

Which basically means the following:

  1. They don't care because we don't matter any more than you care to go to the other side of the planet to destroy a specific ant mound.

  2. They care and observe. Largely with indifference. Perhaps experiment and/or obtain pets out of curiosity.

  3. They care, guide, and play some type of role at some point in time via myth or shadow.

  4. Play an active role in our guidance and development.

The 'ol bit about storming across the universe to stomp on ants is borderline mentally insane. No matter how popular the notion or good the movie plot.

Sure you can then pretend that the energy levels are much lower and they use generational ships. But that's even dumber. Who is going to commit generations and relatively large amounts of resources to storm across the universe to stomp on an ant mound they know nothing about? Obviously, no one is going to.

Makes good movies but it's a child's fearful fancy to believe it would be dangerous. Obviously one can't rule out thought process entirely foreign to us which would invalidate the above logic. Regardless, chances are it's nothing but hysteria.

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What if they feel we could be a potential threat in some future time so decide to eliminate us ? What if they destroy all civilizations they have the means to as just what they do ? Not saying that aliens even exist, just playing what if.

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What if some day monkeys are a potential threat in some future time?

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We use bacteria to process ores into concentrates for refineries. May be we are just something else's bio-refinery. What is in abundance here and not abundant in space? Maybe nuclear materials that we are concentrating in nuclear power plants. Most nuclear plants could be removed to space as a unit. What if some alien life from captured a Voyager and liked the power source. (300W of power for 85 years) and came looking for more. What make's mankind think they would even recognize us as sentient beings. I have to agree that contacting aliens is a very misguided anthropomorphic idea.

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Yeah, what bothers me is all the people who ASSUME aliens would be warm and fuzzy just because they are more advance. They act like they just KNOW ! We dont KNOW shit. Im just saying it would be prudent not to call attention to ourselves is all.

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Not dangerous at all. Why?

1) Earth doesn't have any material that is particularly rare in the universe, so we likely wouldn't be conquered for resources.

2) To any civilization that is capable of traveling interstellar distances, we offer no threat or benefit. They would have to be thousands of years in advance of our technology (at minimum; given the length of the stellar age so far, it's more likely that they are millions of years ahead, and billions is not out of the question). They wouldn't come here because we have something to offer them any more than we'd go visit chimps to steal their tech, and our own technical abilities would make it pointless to enslave chimps or destroy them as a potential competitor. If they are capable of destroying us from across the vastness of space, they are just so far beyond us that there's no logical reason to hunt us down.

3) So, perhaps they are stupid and would accidentally destroy us like the Europeans that brought new diseases to the Americas... but again, a civilization would have to know much more about the Universe and be capable of much greater science than us in order to travel interstellar distances. Remember that we have yet to have one human travel to the nearest planet. So it seems to me that this would only be a threat if they wanted to destroy us.

4) So the only reason left that would make them a threat to us is if they had some ideological or instinctual need to just destroy other life or other civilizations, whether it's logical to do so or not. This is possible. But it also makes it pointless to hide.

Our civilization has been massively blasting out radiowaves for a few generations now. Our atmosphere's chemical makeup - which can be analyzed across instellar space by the light that passes through it - strongly suggests massive amounts of life here. The infrared and light radiation pouring from our cities, especially given the fact that this changed very quickly after the industrial revolution, indicates technology.

If aliens were sending out our normal everyday signals from a nearby star system, we could find them even if they weren't targeting signals at us. A highly advanced species, focused on space technology and actively hunting for alien life, would already know about us if they were at a nearby star system. There is no point in hiding.

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This is the truth. People seem to think they would be like us and act like us. When if you use your brain you realize it's illogical.

Also, if they can travel lightspeed etc they could be MUCH older than us. Which means they are not absolute primitive retards like us.

We couldn't handle their technology. Some retard degenerate would make a bomb and blow up the entire milky way.. So they won't intervene until another 1000 years.. Good job us! but if WE DO manage to make some weapon that could threaten them I'm sure they'll just annihilate us.

So we're stuck until we evolve..

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You got it all figured out. No possibility they could pose a danger eh. ?

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Of course there's no way to know exactly how it will turn out, whether it will be detrimental or beneficial. But the things people tend to worry about when addressing the Alien Question are things that we have reason to treat as unlikely, or things that it's already too late to do anything about.

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