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Why investing will be risky even if the Dow hits 20,000 | New York Post

'As I said before, it’s dangerous out there, even if Wall Street and CNBC wants you to think otherwise. '

'So the Dow Jones industrial average will undoubtedly get to 20,000 before long — whether stocks deserve to be at these levels or not. '

'And if you anticipate future earnings, as Wall Street is apt to do, the market’s price-to-earnings ratio is a dangerously high 19.2–to–1. '

'Get the damn Dow to 20,000 so we can stop hearing about it. '

'And if you eliminated the fancy accounting that companies are now doing, earnings would probably be down even more. '

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I was curious, myself. Appears to be the wrong link, @some_guy_from_RI.


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Thanks for letting me know. I've posted a new link.