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The only quasi-satellite of Earth that I know has been dignified with a common name is 3753 'Cruithne', for the fabulous first king of the Picts. In parallel to this I would propose, if any name, Fergus for the legendary founder of Scotland.

I am frankly horrified by recent attempts to name minor planets, peculiarly when the I.A.U. supposed Pink Floyd and Makemake as suitable names. I earnestly find that they would be better left nameless if not re-christened to better suite the Classical theme that the major planets are named by.


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Re naming minor planets, the IAU lets the discoverer propose a name. Today there are hundreds of thousands of numbered minor planets, and there probably aren't enough classical for all--not that nearly all of them even have a name. Those discovered by large observation programs are usually without name. Personally, I have no problem with that you have minor planets named after