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We have a major wasp infestation as well. Motherfuckers. I'm gonna do that bait shit real soon with hamburger meat, wasp attractant, and flea medicine for cats/dogs... Chemical warfare. THEY BROUGHT THIS ON THEMSELVES! Stung my little kitty :( fuckers. His foot was huge, and he even let my carry him back to the house without ripping my throat out.

We get maybe three or four in the house via the stupid swamp cooler... I kill them without mercy and pray the other dare and come for me...

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I heard about that earlier! I'm not convinced I could get away with doing it, I don't know where I could let them swarm without endangering office staff or random people.

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I got stung by a wasp on my arm a couple weeks ago. Then I took its life. Unfortunately I had some local swelling and itching/pain/soreness for a few days.

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I appreciate your efforts to kill the wasp scourge, though it may cost you discomfort.

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I got stung in the finger as a kid. Then I got stung inside my mouth by a bee that was in my soda can not long after. I haven't been stung since then, but it's taken a LOT for me to get past the urge to scream and flail whenever I see a bee or wasp.