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The snake whisperer...he whispered "Please don't bite me, PLEASE don't bite me."


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https://archive.fo/B2Ixl :

Famed ‘snake whisperer’ dies after cobra bite | New York Post

'But on Tuesday, Hussin’s luck ran out when he was bitten by a poisonous king cobra during a snake-catching operation in Bentong. '

'Hussin, who had four pet snakes, told the BBC he was “very disappointed” by the reports. '

'A cobra got the better of Malaysia’s famous “snake whisperer,” who died Friday from a bite from the deadly serpent, according to reports. '

'The snake charmer had been bitten by a viper before, the Straits Times reported. '

'Abu Zarin Hussin headed the King Cobra Squad of the fire department, where he trained other smoke eaters to identify poisonous snakes and to capture them without killing them, Free Malaysia Today reported. '

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