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WTF Look At This Six-Foot Snake Eating Another Six-Foot Snake

'The man was slashing his property at Kanoona, about six hours south of Sydney, when he came across a 1.6 metre snake midway through a nice snack -- another 1.6 metre snake. '

'"I was standing over the top of it taking a photograph and my wife said 'you're crazy'," Young told the District News. '

'"But I said 'it won't bite me because it's got its mouth full!'"Young reported it as a red-bellied black snake, one of Australia's most dangerous snakes, eating a brown snake, considered an even more deadly snake than the red belly. '

'The Bega District News reported the pictures of local resident Steve Young, who spotted a strange sight while out mowing his grass. ', "Honestly there's just too many snakes here and it's no wonder many people worldwide are actually too terrified to visit."

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