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American Truck Simulator To Close Major Highway For As Long As It Stays Closed In Real Life | Kotaku Australia

"American Truck Simulator falls in the second category, which is why in its next update the game will be closing players' access to California's coastal Highway 1 for a portion near Big Sur."

'As work crews continue to dig out from the natural disaster, the American Truck Simulator development team says it will re-open the affected length of Highway 1 in the game once that reality is reflected in, well, real life. '

'Some games focus on escapism while others seek to render the world with some semblance of digital realism. ', "That's because a landslide several weeks ago covered that part of the road in upwards of 10m of dirt.", "Meanwhile, players will have to take an alternate route when traversing that section of the Golden State's coast."

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