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Gamasutra - Press Releases - More than one million players on Farming Simulator 17 in less than one month!

'Giants Software has done an exceptional job with Farming Simulator 17, and we are very proud to have collaborated with them for five years now. '

'Farming Simulator is also a record-breaker on Steam, with over 220,000 digital copies sold on this platform. '

'"Reaching one million players in such a short amount of time is simply amazing. '

'As for newcomers to the series, they discover a really addictive and rewarding title, sharing some similarities in the games’ mechanics between Farming Simulator and other genre reference. '

'PC remains the premier platform with half the sales - the majority of PC players bought their copy in-store, placing Farming Simulator 17 at the top of the store PC charts in many territories including France and Germany. '

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