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Gotta tell you that starting to eliminate what a mod might think of as psuedoscience and getting more and more particular about that kind of thing is what made r/science go to hell over at deaddit.

Darwin was a hack until he wasnt.

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Rule #4 for submissions is going to be abused by mods. You need a better definition.

Rule #4 for comments is absolute bullshit.

are included in our definition of spam.

What is that definition? You never give it. What is meant by "off topic"?

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Right, is a comment off-topic if it isn't about the submission, or is it off-topic if it's intentionally derailing a comment thread.

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And how does a mod make that call?

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[3] Science memes or jokes are not suitable content for this subverse, and will be removed.

Did the users say they don't want this?

edit - That is a clear enough rule, I'm just curious where it came from.

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Was anyone even posting these? Can't remember having seen any.

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Some of the ideas seem to have been brewing for a while.


Load more comments to see the old rules discussion.

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as it turns out, we can ban you

For what? You should probably spell out what people can be banned for.

Please ban me for criticizing the rules. Let's see how that plays out. Your reddit is showing.

[–] Teh_Sauce_Guy [S] 16 points 3 points (+19|-16) ago 

Lol. You take a single statement and manage to pull a universe of bullshit out of it. I was talking about the software of the website. I was not aware that second level moderators had access to the ban function until I looked at the ban logs.

[–] kevdude 10 points 10 points (+20|-10) ago  (edited ago)

You take a single statement and manage to pull a universe of bullshit out of it.

Forgive me if that wasn't how you meant it. Your comment felt pretty open-ended concerning the other mods.

From all of the discussion it seems that Submission Rule #4 needs clarification. What characteristics will an acceptable submission possess. You are talking about deleting what people post over this. It has to be clearly defined.

I also would really rather not go to war every time @mathgrunt enforces Comment Rule #4 (based on the modlog it will be just him). Please back off of the comments outside of spam (which the rest of the site views as copypasta and/or ads).

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I'd rather let the votes decide. What do you think about this crazy approach?

[–] Cuckbot 8 points 14 points (+22|-8) ago 

@Atko @PuttitOut these are the new rules for your system sub apparently.

[–] Disappointed 9 points 13 points (+22|-9) ago  (edited ago)

Are you all aware user voting for mods is coming as per this post(see link)?

There's also a message for all mods under @system level 1 control from the admin there as well.


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You come off like a dick in this post.

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