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So we literally all see things differently?

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Exactly. It's the same reason why fifty people could see the same thing happen and some people remember it differently, even a few minutes later. It all boils down to perspective. And if you add in the factor that people, generally speaking, only process around 500 unique objects, at any one time, and fill in the rest of the data from their own memory then such discrepancies are even more understandable.


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whoa, that was awesome, thanks man


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More commonly, people associate numbers or letters with colors, or textures, etc.

This is so true. I cannot think of a letter or number without an associated color; though, I would say in my case it's probably the result of unconscious imprinting from those alphabet banners they put across the top of kindergarten classrooms.

Although, in a dim room, I have found the the light from a single bulb can be too loud, audibly. Like the light itself, not the hum of a bulb or anything...