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Anarchy literally means "no rulers". It doesn't mean " no rules". Anarchy is exactly what Voat should aspire to. Authoritarianism is why many of us are here. The people want to be free to decide for themselves, and we don't need or want mods to decide for us. We will decide on what rules you may enforce, not you.


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I agree with you entirely. I also think Voat was done from the beginning. As a clone of Reddit, it can only go so far as to mimic what experiences we liked there. In the end, the biggest subs will have power tripping moderators with agendas, who may or may not have a bank account with transactions from groups who want them to push those agendas.

Regardless, my point is, this place and 8chan and all the other clones out there can't replicate what we want. That true, earnest freedom of posting whatever the fuck you want. You never know if someone is behind the scenes, controlling what you see, who posts.

If I had any money or followers, I would start a site like that. I would want to support one like that.



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Your accusation that a brigade from the boogeyman v/protectvoat is completely without merit or evidence. Personally, I never heard about that sub until this whole fiasco. Rather than admit your own mistake you blame the boogeyman and the users. How arrogant. You should step down if you can't understand the most basic ideals of voat.

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where in the basic ideals of voat does it say that a sub can't implement rules that transparently reduce spam and test measures that may improve user experience?

Strawman, people aren't objecting to rules against spam.

*note there is very clearly evidence of brigading as within a very short period all my comments in this thread quickly received multiple downvotes, quite contrary to voat's ideal of free discussion.

Get over yourself, everyone is being downvoted on both sides. It's a contentious issue. Downvotes are going to happen.




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Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on 10 years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our social news aggregators to moderators.



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You are doing this under the guise of "protecting us" from "spam" and "trash that doesn't belong"; you also claim that this only happened because of protectvoat, and no one else has ever complained about it. All of this is untrue, and repeating it is no different than when obama refuses to veto yet another bill under the guise of helping the common people in the US.

Here is a discussion I had with some people who think like you (dictators from reddit). The reason I point it out is that when i asked for examples of stories that should be erased they gave me 2 stories neither of which were spam, and neither of which should be considered pseudo, but both of which led to discussions about the subject and allowed the users to engage. removing these articles (and others like them) is detrimental to voat, but that is what you want to do.

Should we remove other pseudo sciences such as "string theory", "super-symmetry", "staggered particles"? Some people in the science community think that these are all junk science, so maybe we shouldn't talk about them anymore and erase them from voat, wikipedia, reddit, google, etc.

Unmod yourself, go back to reddit, and leave voat alone.


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Wow, so instead of addressing the two problem rules (revise Submission #4 , Get rid of Comment #4) you delete ALL rules and cry about the fact that protectvoat alerted the userbase to what you were proposing?

Maybe get rid of your cancermod @mathgrunt and people will give you the benefit of the doubt.


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The rules are suspended until I have time to sort this mess out. Not deleted, suspended. Once they have been addressed, anarchism will be expelled from our moderation policy once more.


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I was wondering about the ancom flag in the sidebar.

We didn't ask for anarchy though, just not to delete good faith posts, let downvotes take care of quality. Deleting spam is still useful given all the MH101 and gosur stuff.


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I was going to comment on how what you said sounded like something from the U.S. Government but now I see why.

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