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Free speech is a bit tricky when it comes to science.

Science is facts and data, not opinions.

If you claim that potatoes in your anus cures cancer.

You better have some proof to back that up, otherwise no one will waste their time on that nonsense.


[–] tomfooll 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago  (edited ago)

You might be too fucking stupid to figure out how 'science' works because 'science' isn't some infallible entity. It's a TOOL. Nothing more. This means it's only as competent as the one employing it. This is why "scientists" often disagree.

If you think science isn't heavily influenced by opinion then you're also probably too fucking stupid to figure out that many times over the years new science OPINIONS have arrived and taken root. "Gluten-free" is one of the biggest so-called scientific OPINIONS at large today. It's tards like you that are responsible for spreading such religious nutjob fallacies like "science is facts and data, not opinions."

TL;DR: You're a fucking idiot.


[–] Alias_Unknown 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Calm your tits guy. I make one off handed comment and it turns up at the top of a rather serious flarglement. There's no need for such hostility, seriously.

Now, science is a fluid set of rules and principals that have been tried and tested over time.

Certain things are infallible, like gravity is a thing, or the sun is this distance. We know this shit and there's nothing new to do there.

Then there's the the parts that are still under development and in flux. Things that were once science fiction are Now reality. Were only held back by our own imagination and innovation.

Beyond a certain level technology and magic are indistinguishable. Can't remember who said that.

But anyways I'm getting off topic.

This tool is built upon the works of others over time. From the ancient greeks, to the romans, onwards to the renaissance and finally to the the explosion of this past century.

With the pace that science has been advancing, heavier than air flight to space travel in 60 something years. There's bound to be some stuff that was once under the label of pseudo science to be proven true. Through the toois that prior science has provided.

Unfortunately not all of these more radical claims have gone through any serious rigorous testing that truly removes all variables. And if they have, those demonstrations have not been repeatable.

Along with all that, some of these fields are just complete rubbish by any standard of critical thinking. So the definition of pseudoscience is importsnt, yet hard to narrow down and define.

I propose that some of the more radical posts should segregate to an alternate sub. I know there's stuff like /v/altnews, /v/altmedicine, /v/althistory exist so I would be willing to bet /v/altscience is a thing too.

Anyways, calm down dude, you're going to have a heart attack if you get that fuckin worked up over an internet post.

Edit: just realized I'm talking to the MH101 guy, guess he got my goat there.


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My man <3 but seriously. That'd another thing. Hard to discuss (as you should be doing on a science sub) with a screaming manchild who thinks swearing will make him seem more correct

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