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I know right? We should just shut up and let some spam janitors in a system-owned sub make a couple of vague rules that will eventually be abused to create a reddit safe space out of Voat. /s

Not going to happen. This is a public-owned sub and they will not delete nonspam comments. If they are going to expand the defintion of "spam" then they had better provide a clear and definitive description that doesn't rely on a mod's subjective "judgement".

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[–] kevdude 3 points 11 points (+14|-3) ago 

Right on schedule to defend mod overreach. And if you recall our last conversation on the topic I agreed with you and said that we would keep an eye on them. They have not used it to delete anything since. The second they do we will call it out.

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I know you won't read what I am about to write, but I am replying for the benefit of others.

I didn't fault the rule about memes. That is clearly defined. So that is a straw man on your part.

I didn't necessarily fault the "pseudoscience" bit, but rather challenged their definition. Science starts with inquiry. If they are going to draw lines, and delete things, then they need to draw those lines clearly. Mods are not infallible, and we may be getting a system to replace mods, so we need good rulesets that will get passed down.

I notice you ignored the vague "off topic" rule and the idea of "our definition of spam" that is not provided. If they are going to call something spam they need to clearly define it so that all mods will see the same thing. This is science, shouldn't we be using clear operational definitions of our variables?

Go bother someone else.

When they stop trying to recreate reddit.