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[–] geovoat 9 points 34 points (+43|-9) ago 

But eventually mods will get tired of evaluating by reading the link and they will just pull what they dont like. Or require journal links like deaddit did which ruined r science.


[–] Teh_Sauce_Guy [S] 37 points -26 points (+11|-37) ago 

Mods are users too. We'll only investigate a link if it has enough reports about pseudoscience (otherwise someone could go on a trolling spree and report everything) or if it has an extraordinary claim in the title (extraordinary claims will require evaluation). We will also be appointing more moderators if we deem the workflow to be excessive.


[–] Lord--Gaben 3 points 23 points (+26|-3) ago 

The point is you can't trust mods to do the right thing.


[–] HomerSimpson 7 points -2 points (+5|-7) ago 

You can't report a post without commenting on the is someone going to spam reports?