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So stick to burning oil and coal then? Got it. Glad there's no global effects from those.


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Where did I say the world should continue to use coal/oil?
Stop jumping to conclusions, it makes you look like an idiot.

Find a safer/better solution.
Current method of creating power via nuclear energy is too dangerous.

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worth it. lol, in your research, was there a point where you counted how much radiation just coal puts out?


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In the worst case scenarios the effects can be global.

But we've only had two instances of that kind of disaster both tested 7's on the INES.

Most incidents only have localized consequences, that can be contained and managed.

The most dangerous part of nuclear power is the human factor.


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Except not a single human being has died as a result of the radiation released by Fukushima. The results are not global, they're local.

Oh and 11Bq/m³ is ridiculously low. It's about 500 times lower than the safety threshold for drinking water. And do find a better source than a rabid anti-nuclear propaganda site.