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I don't see that as controversial? Do people really actually claim that? Only the most simplistic minds would as our bodies are highly complex, they are not purely a linear machine. I count myself as lucky as I can loss weight and gain muscle extremely easily, other people I know can't and they try far harder than I do. It's just like people are genetically disposed to to other traits; sure thermodynamics can't be cheated but clearly there are switches via proteins that affect fat storage.

I also recall a BBC documentaries where some people were proven to eat as much as they like and they gained muscle and not fat.


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Your fat logic is most impressive


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Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, voat bitches at reddit for SJW downvotes, but yet the FPH group gets a downvote hard-on for anyone that doesn't act like a gung ho idiot. If you contribute to the discussion you shouldn't be downvoted, unfortunately downvoting is just an "I don't agree" button here too. I never defended fat people, or not being an ideal body weight, just said it's a complicated process. Your sentiment was kind of what I was getting at, our bodies are pretty complex. Yes calories in, calories out is a general thing that works, I was just saying that it's actually a more complex than that.


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To be honest, I've kind of given up on Voat, I had high hopes for it but I'm back reading Reddit again mostly, it is a better site. Voat really was cool to start but it was too small and easy for a some number of people to control, the downvoat issue is much worse here because of that. It is easy to see that Reddit was right, FPH certainly do brigade outside their own sub.

FPH and SJW have so much in common, same tactics and same closed mindedness just are fanatical about different issues. There is far more circle jerk here than at Reddit and Reddit is bad for it.