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I made two tiny changes (in bold) because I think they clarify the rule slightly, but regardless, it's a good rule. Since we would be forbidding posts asking questions, though, I think we should at least make sure to link to /v/askscience in the sidebar.

I agree with these adjustments. And yeah, the sidebar needs some serious cleaning up. At the moment all the related subs are just kinda dumped there with no logical order.

Has this been a problem? I think it's fair that someone who has created a new subverse related to science might want to post (one) thread here telling people that they exist. I'll defer to the majority vote, of course.

Ah, I intended this rule to stop people spamming their external domains repeatedly. Advertising a new science related subverse should be fine.

Yes... But honestly I'd set the bar pretty low for what is relevant to the topic. If a study is posted that is proper science but which concerns something political, I think it's natural people might discuss related politics in the comment section, for example.

No disagreement from me.

We can put up a thread for user review once we are finished with this initial draft. When that will be could be right now or it could be in a few weeks time; I'd be done with exams in a few weeks which usually frees up more time for me, but the future for me is quite vague for now. I may end up being even busier later on in the year.