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The red pill is all you need.

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They would put it in the water.

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Or a mandated vaccine.

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https://dontvis.it/https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-if-a-pill-can-change-your-politics-or-religious-beliefs/ :

None | What if a Pill Can Change Your Politics or Religious Beliefs? - Scientific American

'But a new mental health treatment, set to be licensed next year, poses just this sort of problem. '

'A well-established consensus on the secular democratic state is that it should remain neutral and agnostic on a number of matters, allowing a diversity of values, political attitudes and religious beliefs among its citizens. '

'To overcome this obstacle, advocates of psilocybin-assisted therapy need an inspiring banner that members of any political tribe could rally around. '

'The same could not be said of a treatment that shifts patients in one direction along the political spectrum. '

'If psilocybin does change political values, the significance of this effect goes deeper than which politicians or media outlets will seek to support or impede psilocybin-assisted therapy. '

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If I smoked enough meth, I might vote Democrat. Not a pill, though.

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They should have picked those shrooms sooner. Part of the beauty of cultivating mushrooms instead of wild picking is that they can be harvested at the ideal stage which is closed capped, just before the veil breaks.

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isn't this basically what the communist Terrance Mckenna was trying to make less white nationalists, to pretend reality is not as real as the high and find meaning not through long thought logic and philosophy, but through poison side effects and misfirings in the brain of mushrooms/acid etc.

I read Food of the gods, and despite some decent stories & drug info, that seemed to be his take on life.
he hated the Church

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But to generate a breadth of appeal, one challenge stands out: psilocybin seems to make people more liberal.

It took them half the article to finally come out and say it.

Here are some other hints they give on its long term effects.

Arguably, then, it is unsurprising that it can generate long-lasting changes in patients: studies report increased prosociality and aesthetic appreciation, plus robust shifts in personality, values and attitudes to life, even leading some atheists to find God.

Notably, one study of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression reported that the treatment decreased authoritarian political views in patients. That clinical trial also detected another effect that had previously been reported in healthy participants: psilocybin use leads to increases in the personality domain of openness, itself a predictor of liberal values.

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Watch this backfire and people become dejudaized after psilocybin induced epiphanies.

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