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I read that sham paper and it deliberately was NOT the Trump Cure.

HCQ works WITH a macrolide if taken at the correct Trump Cure Dosage.

Otherwise its only 90% efficacy against SARS-1 and SARS-2 (covid-19) since 2005.

HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together is the 2020 discovery!

In fact it works so well, its miraculous efficacy of 99.1% in vitro and in every in vivo paper and study.

Trump Cure is 200mg of oral hydroxychloroquinesulfate, three times per day for ten days (600mg per day) combined with azithromycin [ a Macrolide] (500mg on D1 followed by 250mg per day for the next four days)

The 6 day Trump Cure is over 99% success

  • March 17, 2020 : Trump Cure, First Paper published, N-count 20 - 100% cured totally, 6 days of pills
  • March 19, 2020 : Trump Cure mentioned and promoted by trump IMMEDIATELY, so soon the Left mocked Trump :
  • March 27, 2020 : Trump Cure, Second Paper published, N-count 80 - 99% of dying cured totally, 8 days of pills
  • April 9, 2020 : Trump Cure, Third Paper abstract, N-count 1,061 - 91.7%% of semi-sick cured, 3 days of pills (only 3!)

NO ZINC PILLS ADDED (but no harm, I assume, if added, after all, the root magic trick in the cell is a zinc ion trick).

Links to all four above :

100% (6 days of pills) : https://files.catbox.moe/h5tyv6.pdf

Trump was written up in Reason March 19th after the first paper published only on March 17th, less than 47 hours prior :

99% (up to 8 days pf pills for dying patients) :

final : https://files.catbox.moe/lsmkax.pdf


91.7%% of semi-sick cured, 3 days of pills (only 3!) :

Also many in the 1,061 had cancer, and serious other complications. But 3 days of pills is now obviously NOT enough, and the REAL Trump Cure, the 99% cure is 6 days of pills, proven.

The Trump Cure is miraculous game changer.

The MICROSCOPE does not lie! Trump was right again in vitro (pure absolute lab control!):

Andreani - Didier Raoult : 2020.04.17 - In Vitro Testing of Combined Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin on Sars-Cov-2 Shows Synergistic Effect


Read that 2020.04.17 paper! : 99.1% efficacy

Figure 2b (99.1% efficacy) on line 289 of page 15 : LESS Azithromycin is more effective than double dosage Azithromycin.

Three independent experiments conducted at least in triplicate by three teams.

In Vitro, the same result as In Vivo, the Trump Cure is 99.1% efficacy using the normal dosage levels currently used in the original 6 day 100-% Trump Cure

So in summary, In Vitro proves the 99.1% efficacy at a single cell level, matching the whole human (In Vivo) results!

Without Trump wisely discovering that Trump Cure paper, there NEVER would be a cure like it because the Democrats want socialism, want trump not re-elected, want dead old white voters.

The famous Trump Cure tweet : "biggest game changers in the history of medicine":


HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains - Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents).....be put in use IMMEDIATELY. PEOPLE ARE DYING, MOVE FAST, and GOD BLESS EVERYONE! @US_FDA @SteveFDA @CDCgov @DHSgov

That Trump tweet was MARCH 21 2020 saturday afternoon, Scott Adams blog say to make the "Trump Cure" trend.

After Scott Adams promoted #TrumpCure, 5 states then banned "right to try" and "off-label" prescriptions of Trump Cure : Idaho, Texas, Nevada, Michigan, and New York.

The Trump Cure is saving thousands of lives outside of leftist democrat ruined New York and Michigan!

Democrat Jews and big pharma are trying desperately to smear the real Trump Cure. 5 States BANNED the Trump Cure! FDA bans it outside of ICU in hospitals against Trump.

The media is always doing jew smear tactics to hide real Trump Cure papers !

The media promotes papers that underdose, or omit the macrolide.

No macrolide (no AZITHROMYCIN) was in that bill gates smear paper

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Remember Windows ME? Yeah, that's how Bill Gates rolls.