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Why don't they change their name to the Marxist Advocate? Nature has nothing to do with the political propaganda they are spouting.

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There’s some super redpilled shit posted in Nature like archaic admixture in modern niggers. Always published by Eastern Europeans and Asians though.

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Dead link now. Anybody archive it?

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still works for me

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It has been archived.


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Yeah, right, because Trump is the first president to ever doubt expert results. Where were you, fucking "nature", when Dubya advocated "Intelligent Design"? Where were you, soy-fapping "nature", when Thomas Jefferson called meteorites a "yankee-lie"? Where were you, sell-out "nature", when the gipper warned of the "devastating health effects of marijuana"?

It's good to know that the people working there are not even human.

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Cell, Nature, and Science are all overrated. I know Science also published some political articles recently, and up until a point, Cell was the last of the holy grail of science journals that still had some integrity and didn't publish irrelevant political opinion pieces, but then, even Cell followed suite.

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afaik they are very different. cell is for a real journal with real papers, isn't it? nature and science are more like scientific american.

[–] Sprouted01 ago  (edited ago)

Any scientific journal that shows a bias by promoting a particular party jas no buisness as a venue for true science.

With that said joe bidens link to science is that he admits hes a know nothing dipshit incapable of interpreting the data so he will let biased scientist with agendas, and people like Bill Gates do the decision making for himself.

Why would you want to elect a President who swears that he will allow unelected officials do the decision making for him?

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How can joe biden unite the nation if he cant even unite words into a coherent sentence? Maybe he needs to hit the crackpipe with his son.

[–] WolfgangBlack ago 

I think they shoot him in the ass with speed for public appearances.

That allegedly helps with dementia patients for a few hours.

[–] onezeno ago 

Nature has been a converged institution for a while now

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