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The slow blink, with both eyes, is your cat saying, "I love you.".

Well, she's probably saying, "I love that you feed me.", but hey, it's a cat.

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I always thought it was, "I trust you to refrain from attacking me during the time when my eyes are closed."

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this is exactly what it means....

[–] selpai ago 

It IS an animal.

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i trust you not to kill me

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Cats really aren't standoffish if you're spending time with them. My cats follow us around the house, they're interested in what we're doing, they snuggle up to us all the time, run to the door to greet us, etc. One of them will usually respond if I say something to her. A "standoffish" cat is a neglected cat.

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It's no coincidence the people with bad cats have no understanding of how to handle cats.

We got a "bad" cat from a friend's wife. The woman would spank the cat, lock the cat in the bathroom as punishment, and try to bathe the cat in the shower. Consequently, the cat hated women, clawed strangers who picked her up, and went nuts anywhere near a small enclosed room.

We took that cat. After a short time with us, the cat became normal again. We can pick her up, she follows us around, sleeps on us, meows to us, all the normal cat things.

For a while the cat still had 'nam flashbacks, but even those stopped after a few years.

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That's pretty fucked up

[–] Ken_bingo2 ago 

All of that is true.

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Ok.... cat whisper-er here. I even wrote a book about cats and their behaviors. This is NOT exactly true, the slow blink is not exactly "I love you" what the slow blink is in cat language is: "I am relaxed and there does not appear to e any danger in the area, nor am I wound up and going to attack you." Cats communicate a lot with non-verbal communication. Body language and eye status is very important in cat-o-nes.

When they are prided up and working together on hunts and perimeter defense, they will look into each others eyes, across the distance to establish the state of the other cat. Are they alarmed with eyes wide and tail bushy? Are their eyes wide to allow light in for the hunt while on the stalk and should I join in for a co-op hunt? Or are they relaxed and have their eyes closed and thus not allowing all the light and detail in, so the other cats are not in those states and meow, meow...I don't have to be alarmed either.

This, this is what the cats are assessing. When you slow blink with "lazy eyes" the cats are interpreting that as "nothing to worry about" thus they are in relaxed mode as well. Remember, house cats think you are nothing more then a mis-shapen and retarded bigger cat and part of the pride.

Fun test: Start staring at your cats with wide, wild eyes and start gauging their reactions....

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Don't you eat cats? Meow!

[–] hwong ago 

1/3 of the world sure does....

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This is known.

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Government grant money well spent.

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My kitties love head-butts too.

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I had a fat-ass cat growing up that would head-butt the door to open it.

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It works with women, too.

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Yes it does.

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Your tax dollars at work. "Scientists", lol.

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