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Of course a high BMI equals happiness in their specific study group.

This is from China, where being fat like this means you are rich and likely powerful and connected to CCP. The average Chinese person lacks the means to get this fat, which explains why being a healthy weight is linked with unhappiness, because you are a low level peon in the cogs of the communist machine.

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China has more people in the middle class than we do here now. It’s not an impoverished shithole like you’ve been told.

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And India has more English speakers. Both facts are interesting in terms of trivia but also misleading in terms of valid comparisons of countries. China is still overwhelmingly an impoverished shithole even if it has improved greatly over the last 30 years.

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But muh Rock is OBESE therefore science and thinking are invalid reeeeeee

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If your happiness is based solely on your weight/body mass, then you're a useless narcissistic piece of shit. Raising a family is happiness on a whole other level. Only selfish fucks think only of themselves when it comes to happiness. Don't fall for family destroying jew tricks.

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Good luck attracting a mate and starting a family while being morbidly obese. Those that do manage are always tired and/or die early, resulting in a deficit in attention offered to their offspring. This lack of attention as we have seen time and time again manifests itself in predictable and chaotic ways.

It is the Jews that feed us poison that keeps us sick and docile. It would make more sense for them to continue to poison us. For them to assert that we work toward 23 is counter-intuitive to their ecosystem of enterprises of fast food and medicine.

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That's on the high end of normal. This sounds like body positivity to me.

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It's closer to the middle of normal. Whether it is healthy or visually attractive or not is going to depend a lot on fat percentage, body type, etc.

BMI is really just a quick rule of thumb type measurement that tells you little about any specific person. It's only real usefulness is to talk about groups and averages, not individuals. So, it's hard to say much about this study without know the other factors of who in China are primarily found at different BMIs.