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Holy shit they have the wheel, before you know it they’ll discover language and the word racist.

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Reminds me of the nog in a village to be the first to create a wheeled water carrying device. The wonderful african engineer bravely saving the women of the village from having to slave away carrying a pot of water on their heads up to 3 times a day.

The picture is literally him with a wheelbarrow.

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Oh my God! They are evolving!

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lol... he looks so proud.

[–] Dortex1 ago 

I mean, the negroes that made that made it. So far doing more than all of Chicago combined.

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Haha disassembled an IKEA clock made in China, couldn't re-assemble it, stole a briefcase, cried racism.

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You just need well educated parents with money and (((connections))).

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I am sure the netflix adaptation will claim a nigger was the first and youngest

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Jamal and DeShawn are laughing from their orbital platform they built no doubt.

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Building a vacuum chamber that works is the hard part.

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He's 12.

He's a preteen.

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"I won’t be doing full-on fusion, but I’ll still be creating a plasma within the chamber here"

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