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This is a true thing, honestly....

Boys reduced achievement in reading/writing is more pronounced than girl's deficiencies in STEM, yet there are dozens of pro-girl STEM programs...

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No group has suffered more from political correctness, liberal lunacy, feminism and critical race theory than white male children.

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Only white men are to blame for that

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Only white men are to blame for that--->Prove it.

Boys are increasingly falling behind girls at school.------>That was done, by design by femaNazi scum and their ignorant accomplices in the fraud media and willful accomplices in the Government...

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It also boils down to how there are cognitive differences between the sexes. Men prefer hands on a practical approach to learning with shorter periods, whilst women achieve better results in longer periods that are conducive to more discussion.

Certain subjects such as the arts and language are inherently easier for women, and science and math are typically easier for a masculine mindset.

There are several differences observed in psychology between men and women. With modern education heavily geared towards a female-centric approach.

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This is by design. Women in power pacifies men. The world leaders are pleased by this mechanism to control the population easily.

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how do I access the file?

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Go here

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round up the female math teachers and let them stand single file to save bullets