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Western academia is a complete joke when it comes to anything to do with something that could undermine the status quo. There’s a reason all the damning evidence these days like archaic admixture in niggers comes out of the Far East.

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That (((reason)))

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They act like robots, well, they will be replaced by robots some day

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so could one study in english in singapore and do this or is that country ruined?

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“Follow the money “ Might it be even worse than that? Once faith in what is essentially yet another fallible human belief system is established, an inclination to suppress any observation that contradicts accepted thinking is created. Not least because of the fearful void that may result from one’s rendition of reality being revealed as untrustworthy. If we were taught to test-question everything at an early age, we might realise that what matters is not what we may imagine is real. But rather keeping our minds malleable, the better to deal with what reality has in store for us as a unified species.

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Yep. A revolution in education is what our country really needs. Among other things. Homeschooling is opening some % of peoples' minds

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I would suggest that Socrates identified the solution two and a half millennia ago. Would that he had ‘corrupted’ our young, by teaching them how to cogently test-question everything. Since our species would thenceforth have effectively been rendered immune, to future infection from all inane ideologies promoted by idiotic ideologues.

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"I'm doing research on the human genome" "africans act and look different from the rest of the world" "look at these tests: it shows they are farther apart from Europeans than some species are from each other" "I just repeated it" "That must be due to tens of thousands of years of genetic separation and an environment which favors intelligence and cooperation."

Defunded and banned from science.

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I would say that we are all different from each other. I suspect that it is this 'throwing of the dice" that provides the range of variants from which entities able to contend with the prevailing conditions will emerge. An interesting feature to consider might be how rapidly individuals from one region could assimilate themselves into another region, if they were afforded precisely the same opportunities.

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Iv always wondered why there’s no such thing as people food. Like a dog food version of people food. It works for dogs. Why not make a people version. Then you could give it to hungry people. I mean in theory. I don’t actually care about feeding hungry people unless they’re not niggers. They would probably bitch. Everyone really needs a good reminding that beggars can’t be choosers. Why are people on constant welfare even allowed to vote. Fucking snow ball effect till you have communism.

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beggars can’t be choosers.

In a democracy, beggars can force you to feed them.

Why are people on constant welfare even allowed to vote.

Because there are a lot of them and it is easy to purchase their votes with your tax money.

Fucking snow ball effect till you have communism.

Tell that to the founding retards who allowed democracy. Once democracy was there, it was just a matter of time when it will be expanded to everybody. It is easier to get votes from new voters by allowing them to vote than by persuading existing voters.

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When it started it was white land owners.

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This is all any needy motherfuckers should get. Fucking Soylent which I consider as dogfood for humans. Get rid of the Jews and the nigger funding problem will go away.

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Very interesting outlook on animals. Now send me a picture of your dick

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Havnt I sent you one already

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What do you mean by 'agree'?

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They had scientists saying smoking was good for you and that gravity didn't exist. Yes, definitely follow the money

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Take a look at the scoreboard all of you christcucks. How does it feel to get your ass kicked this hard? You can deny reality like a jewish communist all you like, but science is the one thing pulling the human race forward.

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And the remaining 3% are wiping their asses!!!

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What % of scientists are dead?