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Someone needs to to send it to all of the wacky blacks who advocate the theory that melanin is a magical substance which is the basis of empathy, compassion, etc.

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I saw some of those "melanin is good" videos by deranged blacks too! Did you know melanin in blacks is in all tissue membranes throughout a niggers organs... even seen inside a nigger brain in a microscope! Being a nigger is not just skin deep.

I love the 100% factual paper's CONCLUSION:

We have found, in both human and non-human animals, that darker pigmentation is associated with higher levels of aggression and sexuality (and in humans with lower IQ). Lighter pigmentation is associated with the slow reproductive strategy (K) including lower birth rates, less infant mortality, less violent crime, less HIV/AIDS, plus higher IQ, higher income, and greater longevity.

The correlations between human pigmentation, aggression, and sexuality (and IQ), is further supported by the anthropological and sociological research on ‘‘pigmentocracies’’ (Lynn & Vanhanen, 2006).

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As far as I know (not an evolutionary biologist), life history theory is used to understand behavioral and other adaptive changes between species. That's telling that they are applying it within subgroups of homo sapiens. If pigmentation is really that pleiotropic, then I think you'd have a lot more ammunition to begin arguing at least on the terms of subspecies. Half of the problem with Leftist ideology is the one-man-one-world bullshit. At the same time, it represents the scientific grounds that Leftists consider scorched earth. They never go there, and won't tolerate going there. It is religiously dismissed as untruth a priori.

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Unlike other approaches to explain behavior, life history theory predicts the co-variation of diverse clusters of biological and behavioral traits. Traits need to be harmonized rather than work independently. They work more effectively when organized in a coordinated system, fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Is that saying what I think it’s saying? Is he saying clusters of behavioral traits work better because people with the same traits fit together like a puzzle? Am I misreading that? Cuz guys, that is soooooooooooooo racist.

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There’s no way the pigmentation permeates through organs, most definitely not brain.

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Amazing. This is the only paper one needs to argue with leftists

... if one could effectively argue with leftists.

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But the publishers RETRACTED it fully and deleted it, calling it "racist White Supremacy science" even though it does not disparage asians! In fact asians have least sex hormones, least crime, and far less secondary sexual characteristics from sex hormones. So the paper was provably not "racist White Supremacy science".

By the way... What the FUCK is "racist White Supremacy science" anyway? Is it a euphemism for "facts hurt feelings of Nigger's low IQ?"

Sadly, all legal LEGIBLE versions of this in PDF have been deleted by (((publisher))) and swapped with unreadable PDFs in 2020. Try to find a readable PDF yourself. They are shoahed, but happily is on catbox via voat.co Long live voat.

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I’ve been a business manager for many years. A lot of it is about change.

Elites, Jewish or not, can’t see beyond their own noses (no pun intended). If there were pure white communities, we’d be colonising the stars by now.

But, no, they’re happy with their gated mansions, kiddy trafficking and cheap labour. Never mind that all of that was built off a pure white community that only lasted a decade or so.

Let the white communities be pure and everyone benefits.

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The paper has been retracted but not deleted.

You can still read it, if you have the link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886912000840

It is still online. The paper is actually just a small review of some animal and human studies that relate skin color (pigmentation) to outcomes without the woke view on it.
It's not that big of a deal, but with the current SJW madness it's hard for politically incorrect papers to survive, no matter how true.
They better are 1000% correct, or it will get rejected.

Because of this censorship, a good researcher, Emil Kirkegaard, conducted a new study of criminal behavior with the NLSY-97 dataset, and confirmed the usual, small associations with skin color. Still a work in progress, but some initial results: https://twitter.com/KirkegaardEmil/status/1273444267969708039

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Ah, I thought for one moment..., but then read your second line, which is to the point

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Yikes it almost looks like they only banned it for being “racist”... how scientific of them https://retractionwatch.com/2020/06/17/elsevier-journal-to-retract-2012-paper-widely-derided-as-racist/

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The study’s authors, John Rushton and Donald Templer, both deceased, ...

... — where Rushton was on faculty — in 2012, the same year as the paper was published and the same year that Rushton died.

Color me surprised.

But muh Medium post critiquing ...

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Niggers are violent sub human animals.

(Every White Woman in the World) :::gasp::: that's racist.

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As within, so without. The darker their appearance is, the darker their minds are. You can judge a book by its cover.

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Read the protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

Lying about the races existing is one of their core points.

All scientific journals run by jewish supremacists should be tossed in the trash and replaced by one run by scientists.

Do any of you pro scientists know of one that isn't run or funded by jews?

I'm not even sure if arxive is, I assume not. There is another one for papers they want to suppress, but the enemy spams it with trash to the point of unusability.

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This is a really good question and I dont know why it was downvoted.

There is the genetic ability to produce eumelanin or pheomelanin — I believe pheomelanin is a precursor to eumelanin, and inhibited ability to convert the pheomelanin to the eumelanin is expressed as red hair. (MC1R red hair variant) This gene is also pleiotropic with respect to freckles if Im not mistaken.

Then there is the amount of transcription of melanin (production) which would be controlled by other genes. Melanocytes in hair follicles and skin might produce alot or a little melanin.

Wikipedia article on Melanocytes:

The difference in skin color between lightly and darkly pigmented individuals is due not to the number (quantity) of melanocytes in their skin, but to the melanocytes' level of activity (quantity and relative amounts of eumelanin and pheomelanin).

So for whatever reason white brunettes and chinks have active melanocytes in our hair follicles but the ones in our skin are pretty inactive in terms of melanin production.

I wonder what the crime stats are for say brown vs blond haired Germans or something. Or red?

A white person from NW Europe could have one MC1R gene copy for black/brown hair and one for red, (resulting in brown/black to reddish brown mix) or 2 blacks or 2 reds. High or low transcription would determine lightness/ darkness of the color (intensity).

So I guess the question/s is/are:

1.) Does being a brunette make you more of a horny psycho than a blond person, on average. (My guess is probably a little)

2.) Does high production of pheomelanin but low or no eumelanin have a similar correlation with behavior and temperment?

Think of the reputation red heads have as “hot heads”, maybe there is something to that.

Also even one copy of MC1R variant generally results in freckling, even in the absence of red hair.

Afterthought: I would love to see the crime stats on those little african albinos in Tanzania that someone is always trying to put in a pot.

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Light environment/conditions/exposure has to be factored.

"It turns out the light is the stimulus humans use to proton tunnel, and proton tunneling controls the tyrosinase enzyme that makes ALL pigmented proteins in the body like dopamine, serotonin and melanin."


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Also from what I have seen niggers have no more testosterone than us.

Not true.

Incarcerated niggers in prisons do indeed in all papers since the 1950s, have more "free testosterone" than other races. Alse they all have "the warrior gene".

secondary sex characteristics in humans indicates sex hormone levels : penis size, female hips and ass size, breast size : asians have the least secondary sex characterisics, then whites, then spics, and finally niggers.

niggers have the most sex hormone expression, and also go through puberty FIRST, if nourished. asians last.

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Latinos are definitely closer to Asians than whites in terms of secondary sex traits.

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Thanks, OP! Good drop.

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