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There used to be black hoe who stand in front of my restaurant but I tell her pimp she pocketing money.

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Democrat Party = black hole

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Kamela "Heels Up" Harris = black hole, sort of.

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Well... That memo was almost complete gibberish to me. Guess that makes me a layman.

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Made perfect sense to me, but the author is a quack. You didn't miss anything.

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please upvote my comments need ccp to post content

[–] Anam [S] ago 

Look, normally soliciting upvotes would bring a well-deserved storm of downvotes. You have got to get the ccp the normal way by making quality comments.

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ikr ask your mom

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The event horizon of a gravitational singularity.

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That is what Newtonian physics predicts, but apparently, this is not the case. For one, the existence a well defined zero-dimension entity is impossible according to quantum physics because both its location and velocity would be absolutely known. The theory of relativity and quantum physics are both very powerful high-order theories which have been well corroborated by observation, and they are in flat-out contradiction with each other.

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My brain hurts now.

[–] WolfgangBlack 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

Depends upon which one you are referring to.....

[–] Charlie_Prime ago 

I love how this dweeb says real physics is gibberish, then immediately begins spouting gibberish about esoteric speculative mathematics and nonsense like "spacetime".

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