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How fucking sad that link is.

"It came from the new world" IS A LIE!

Stop fucking goats. And if you DON'T know what I'm talking about do some HOMEWORK!

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Ever hear of people from that area who went to Canada long before Columbus?

This seems to point to Vikings introducing the disease to Europe from their travels to Canada and not

that it came from Europe or the Middle East.

Look at the dates of the Viking Age when they came to the New World.

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i dont recall anyone ever saying syphillis came from the new world.

its an old world disease.

robert i of scotland died from 'an unclean disease' that was thought to be leprosy but disputed by archaeologists and forensics people who claim more likely to be syphillis and that was before 1400 about a hundred years before columbus sailed, which is the first recorded one, and theres about 4 other monarchs in the uk alone thought to have died from it between then and columbus.

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JEW LIES again

Always a lie.

Always uses bad carbon dating of people that ate too much marine life, or coffins not related to time of death.

marine life screws up carbon dating dramatically as shown in all studies of dead sailors and port citizens

Now they use population groups of remains that carbon date wrong by 100 years, just to LIE and shift origin.

Show me one skeleton deep within europe with proven ACCURATE dating.

There are none.

KIKE LIES as always, shown again and again for over 10 years of blaming whitey.

Always trying to blame Whitey and Arabs for STDs that provably came from the New World.

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Old news.